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Career & Performance Coaching
for professionals and students in transition 

Tell us your story.  Shape your future.


Sounding Line

A ship uses a sounding line to chart the unknown—casting the line out to navigate and reveal the depths of the water below. Like its nautical namesake, Sounding Line helps you map what lies beneath the surface and use that to confidently explore your career path, discover possibilities and make informed choices.

Reimagine the future of career and set sail


Chart Your Career Path

Through evidence-based practices and a streamlined digital platform to assess and reflect on desires, strengths, and interests, Sounding Line humanizes the career counseling experience, exposing the client to a deeper understanding of their own work and life goals.

Students in Transition

Go from questions and possibilities to a solid foundation with a launching pad toward your future. Seize pivotal moments in time and cultivate success momentum as you are becoming.

Working Professionals

Successfully balance career and life responsibilities by  reimagining work around the skills you want to use and the impact you want to have.

Schools & Organizations

Go from problems with no solutions to islands of sanity, by helping build the mental muscles that become the foundation of community.



Drew McDowell

Drew has spent thirty years cultivating expertise within the in-between spaces of educational and workforce systems, the very places where students, professionals and organizations navigate stability and change.  


Why Sounding Line?

Tell us your story and what drives you and discover how to think radically about how you experience and learn in the world. 

Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session Now

Stop asking for Permission

Experience coaching firsthand and discover what differentiates people at the top of their career. The reality is that you have most likely been successful to date, but you sense that the same approach won’t propel you where you truly want to be. Sounding Line provides you the opportunity to get dedicated support and practice making important decisions without a risk. In order to guarantee that you will get the outcome you desire, I need to know that we are a good fit. And you need to trust that I can help you go deeper on your career than you’ve been able to go on your own. A one-hour free career coaching session may be all you need to move past the fear of making the wrong move.

"I needed some time during the pandemic to reevaluate my skills as a designer and stay sharp creativity, Sounding Line provided that and I was able to feed that energy into my projects.."

Melanie M.


"I had always been stymied by the myriad of possibilities for my future. Drew helped me not only narrow down the options, but also reflect on what about my past could mold my future career."

Jesse V.

"Rather than view my career and life as a linear path, I was able to see the whole picture and connect the pieces of the puzzle that have been missing from what aptitude tests alone have told me."

Felicia T.

Working with Drew

I am so grateful for Sounding Line and working with Drew! I was in the process of leaving my position as a teacher assistant and feel like I was never given the opportunity to ask myself, what do I really want to do? Working with Drew was insightful, thorough, and inspiring. The tools he uses are fantastic and give you and all-encompassing perspective into who you are and what is out there for you.

Claire S.

Through conversation and exercises, Drew helped me examine my skills and interests and identify ways of combining them for career application. I appreciated the time and thought Drew put into our sessions. He went above and beyond. Drew's professional experience, combined with his passion for helping me navigate career change, strongly complement each other. I highly recommend Drew to anyone who is seeking guidance for career exploration.

Anthony S.

Drew's background in transfer services and the work he did helping Landmark College implement career development tools for students provides a great building block for Sounding Line and an asset to the community.

Jan C.

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