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Your Story provides the confidence to close one chapter of your life and begin another.

Tell Your Story

Narrative Assessment and Storytelling provide the framework for the Sounding Line methodology and the parameters by which the process impacts both individuals and organizations. Sounding Line delivers an accountable framework for finding meaningful employment, changing careers, gap year planning and exploring college or graduate school.

Explore the Future

The uncertainty of this moment can feel like the only constant, and change is never easy. Storytelling is a valuable tool to help you reframe the traditional milestones of education and career into meaningful narratives and long life learning.

Take Inspired Action

The Sounding Line experience rests on the basic premise that both people and organizations go through periods of stability and change. Through the holistic practice of clarification and exploration, participants move past confining labels and prescribed career pathways and find confidence by applying themes of accomplishment and resilience.


Questions? Let's Talk.

Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation where Drew can answer your career transition related questions and talk one-on-one before you commit to anything.

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