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Proximate Tools for Proximate Leaders

Schools & Colleges

How can schools make career readiness, career exploration and experiential learning mission critical and tightly integrated into the student experience?   

Listen to your students. 

Design blended learning environments that connect career experiences and real world problems to mentors and a lifelong learning mindset.

Human beings are storytellers.

Sounding Line helps schools and colleges connect student self-reflection to Career Resource Management and success momentum.

When we provide experiences that expand the post-secondary landscape, we create more avenues for success.

Community Groups & Foundations

Too many aspiring students are stuck because they have successfully navigated the system for advancement laid out in front of them.

Acceleration of need.

When systems don't deliver societal results, anxiety overwhelms communication.

Make progress now with the people you have.

And know that it takes a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder coalition combined with localized, customizable, career networked technology, to secure resources, provide framework...and raise a child.  

Stories become proximate tools for navigating the problems we seek to solve and finding the talent needed to solve them.

Management &Teambuilding

Teams need to come together in a structured way for team building & personal and career growth.

What to hold on to?

Employees need to gain organizational knowledge and learn how to perform core business functions through intentional relationship building.

Where to let go?

Engage your staff with an online virtual experience designed to support existing teams, onboard staff and launch new projects. Caring about others and being a resource drives everyone to be their best.

The rate of change and disruption are only going to increase throughout the next half century. Start building organizational culture today.

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