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Drew started Sounding Line with a clear understanding that the "old normal" wasn't working well for many people. Since then, the pandemic has disrupted traditional education, fractured human connections and upended work-life balance. Sounding Line was born out of this urgency and profound need for students and professionals to examine what better might look like.  

As a practitioner of career and transition counseling in secondary, collegiate and workforce systems, and after a few years of putting his M.S. in Organizational Development to good use as a Career & Technical Education Administrator, Drew took time to reflect on the definition of 'radical' and the seeds of activism sown and cultivated by his parents. 

Drew is a big picture, systems-thinker with a knack for noticing things others might overlook. He leaned into these strengths to design and implement career development technologies in both secondary and post-secondary settings. Thirsty for opportunities beyond school and college Career Service offices, and through partnerships and mentoring from international leaders in the field, Drew discovered that pulling it all together meant letting go.​

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