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Career & Educational Counseling

Through evidence-based practices and a streamlined digital platform to assess and reflect on skills, strengths, and interests, Sounding Line humanizes the career experience, exposing the client to a deeper understanding of their own work and life goals.

Explore possibilities and become a wayfinder


Clarity & Focus

Through evidence-based practices and a streamlined digital platform to assess and reflect on desires, strengths, and interests, Sounding Line humanizes the career experience, exposing the client to a deeper understanding of their own work and life goals.

Tell Your Story

Breakthrough Session


1 Session

  • Active working session

  • Not a sales call

  • Real possibilities for future use 

  • Take advantage of your situation

  • Get clarity

  • Move past fear

  • Dispel myth

  • Log-in access to web tools

  • In-person or on Zoom

Career Goal Fitness

Mental Muscles

6 Week Group Experience

Weekly video conference

  • Pods of five participants

  • Go deeper faster

  • Mental models for positive change

  • Increase self-command

  • Intercept negative thoughts

  • Access personal wisdom

  • Discover what matters

  • Cultivate a practice

  • Foundations for 1-on-1 coaching

  • Email to reserve your spot

Schedule & Pay

$450 per month

Monthly Subscription

Pay As You Grow

  • Intentional exploration

  • Inspired action

  • Informed decision making

  • Career navigation reboot

  • Pivot with motivated skills

  • Eliminate what depletes you

  • Live your story with confidence

  • Discover what's possible

  • Handle challenges with a positive attitude

Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session Now

Stop asking for Permission

Experience coaching firsthand and discover what differentiates people at the top of their career. The reality is that you have most likely been successful to date, but you sense that the same approach won’t propel you where you truly want to be. Sounding Line provides you the opportunity to get dedicated support and practice making important decisions without a risk. In order to guarantee that you will get the outcome you desire, I need to know that we are a good fit. And you need to trust that I can help you go deeper on your career than you’ve been able to go on your own. A one-hour career coaching session may be all you need to move past the fear of making the wrong move.

The free one hour discovery session...

Our free session is an active meeting. Not a sales call. We get right into the questions you are trying to answer. Even if you don’t decide to contract with Sounding Line right away, I want to help you start the process of getting clarity on what you truly want. Together we get into your story. Through a narrative process, we start to explore what you liked and learned in each chapter of your life and generate real possibilities for the future.

Career Goal Fitness

It’s not that things don’t make sense but that the things that used to make sense are not as reliable. Sometimes it can feel difficult to figure out the goals and outcomes you desire and how they fit into a fractured system. Credits and degrees, promotion and advancement, appear to be the end game but they don’t describe the space you truly need to navigate. You feel obliged to go from job to career like you know what we are doing and that your investments are safe. It’s not a matter of being successful, you probably already have that. It's more about having the wherewithal to experience your own definition of success as a practice.


At Sounding Line, we call this Career Goal Fitness. It’s not ok to accomplish what you set out to do and still be yearning for something. We need peace of mind and ease and flow because building a career is a non-linear continuous process. If you want to pivot toward the skills you want to use and the impact you want to have, then you need a language to talk about the things you bump into along the way and what to do about it in a practical judgment free way. The capacity to handle life’s challenges with a positive attitude is more than a practice. In the world we are living in, it’s an asset that you can’t do without. Deep dives, getting to source code and rebooting your career navigation system requires mental fitness and accountability. I don’t want clients to get bogged down in ideas and insights.

Focus is the career currency of the future!


Sounding Line uses evidence-based practices from breakthrough research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology and performance science to build an operating system for the inevitable cycle of stability and change in your career. Group and individual programs are available. 

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"I started the program at a pivot point in my life. My chronic pain issues were finally getting better, but I was faced with profound changes and uncertainties in both my personal and professional lives. Through simple yet challenging exercises and by creating a space for vulnerability, working with Sounding Line helped me set new foundations on which to build the next stages of my life and started me on the path to self-acceptance. "


Hubert V.

The Power of Storytelling

At the heart of the Sounding Line process is the reflective practice of experiential learning. Research shows that your stories, the important events you remember and share, provide the most fundamental understanding of what you want and don’t want. In our first session, we create a mosaic of desires, strengths, natural interests, personal qualities and assets, by revisiting who you truly are. As you share your essence, we begin the process of transforming your values, passions and skills into real-opportunities. All of our work together gets stored in a web-based storyteller interface where we go from clarification into taking action and exploring what's possible. At the end of our initial session, I provide a log-in, so you can revisit your work. If you remain a client of Sounding Line, we continue to reflect on your stories, look for clues and create a wealth of professional language about the next chapter of your life. You retain access to this highly functional online career planning tool for as long as you desire to use it.  

Scheduling & Payment

Sounding Line makes scheduling and payment easy. Your free session provides the opportunity for me to assess the type of program that will be best for you. All individual career coaching experiences are built upon a Pay as You Grow model. I also encourage clients to participate in Career Goal Fitness and experience the benefit of an accountability pod. Mental Fitness can also be incorporated into individual sessions.


Your monthly subscription rate provides a wide variety of resources customized to your personality, learning style, goals and time commitments. Meeting twice over the course of four weeks is important to accomplishing targeted outcomes. At the same time, taking inspired actions has a timeline of its own. Opportunity will knock. You may want to take a deep dive into your aptitudes and interests. Get into revamping your LinkedIn and resume to reflect the type of work you desire and work on personal brand. You get to schedule and pay for these sessions as we go. As long as you have a next scheduled meeting, we can manage the in-between spaces together, stay connected and you retain access to regular email communications, feedback and a continuing array of digital resources to support your work.

In between sessions...what you get...

  • Unlimited email access 

  • Mental fitness gym membership

  • Web based career clarification and exploration technology

  • Personalized resources, homework, journaling, activities 

  • Assessment and assessment debriefs

  • Shared folder for resources, documents and homework

  • Targeted research support

  • Feedback - resume, LinkedIn, networking scripts

  • Emergency calls

Vintage still-life of old maps, a model of the ship, helm, magnifying glass, old letters o

The Sounding Line Promise

Many traditional career navigation systems have been broken for a long time. You want accountability and structure and a person with experience related to your issues. At Sounding Line, we believe that you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.   

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